The Rotarians Society Presents TATE Fabrication

Interactive Performance, Sculpture  //  2007, 2009
In collaboration with The Rotarians Society

The Rotarians Society Presents TATE Fabrication is an interactive performance that uses the language of the business and marketing worlds to create a shared fictional experience. The work is equal parts mechanical sculpture presented as commercial product, technology media-blitz posing as a legitimate product promotion, and performance masquerading as a trade-show event.

Audience members begin the experience with the viewing of a low-budget corparate promotional video and introduction of the TATE sales team, then the dramatic unavailing of the new product, and finally a working demonstration with a question and answer session. All the while the audience experiences an event that is convincingly real in its style and grammar but absurd in its content; the product’s sole purpose is to pound square pegs through a round hole. Ultimately the performance is shared between the audience and artists, whether they be winking, shaking their heads, or reaching for their wallets.

High-resolution images available on Flickr.