Software Platform  //  2015
In collaboration with Ishac Bertran

Openframe is an open source platform for artists, curators and art enthusiasts to share, discover and display digital art.

HRI (Unpaid Internship)

Immersive Performance  //  2014
In collaboration with The Notion Collective

HRI (Unpaid Internship) uses the cultural language of the corporate office to explore the false Work vs Life dichotomy, at once celebrating and questioning the concept of the “unpaid intern”.

Regular Expressions

Custom Software, Contact Microphones, Computer Keyboard  //  2014
In collaboration with Andy Dayton

Regular Expressions is a series of duets performed using custom software which parses text in realtime and turns it into music.


Camera, Screen, Computer  //  2013/2015
In collaboration with Ishac Bertran

Talking investigates the mechanics of perception and communication using single-sense computing devices.

Untitled (CMYK)

Paper, Toner  //  2013
In collaboration with The Notion Collective

Untitled (CMYK) calls attention to the changing role that libraries play in today’s increasingly digital world; as the mural of paper stretches across the wall, each page further draining a printer of toner, a very literal disappearance of ink is evident.

Hot Air

Web-based Video Game  //  2012
In collaboration with the Notion Collective

Hot Air is a web-based arcade game that challenges players’ abilities to decode the language of U.S. partisan politics.


Short Film (Score and Sound Design)  //  2011
In collaboration with Illustrated Radio

Cornerman is a short film about a man who can’t bring himself to face life head-on.

Some Speak, Some Listen

Modified Turntable, Speakers, Electronics  //  2011

Using audio recordings taken around Queens, NY, Some Speak, Some Listen drones away methodically, the quiet pattern slowly deteriorating into a rhythm of static over the course of weeks.


Music  //  2004 - 2011

Whirm is a solo music project, blending pop and cinematic musical elements with experimental soundscapes.

The Rotarians Society Presents TATE Fabrication

Interactive Performance, Sculpture  //  2007, 2009
In collaboration with The Rotarians Society

The Rotarians Society Presents TATE Fabrication is an immersive performance that uses the language of the business and marketing worlds to create a shared fictional experience.